Metal Enclosures which includes custom designed single and multizone systems. We build to meet all your requirments, demands, and expectations; using mild steel, stainless steel, and explosion proof enclosures. Panel design and consulting is a sevice provided to you.

Non-Metallic Enclosures with the advancements in control technology (surface mounted componets) replacing bulb and cap mechanical technology, control packaging is extremly important. We are proud to announce after 18 years of service in a variety of extremly hazadous enviroments such as; plating, food washdown, and semiconductor plants. Our controls still continue to provide the same day to day reliable service. The enclosures are all UL/CSA 12/nema4X with o-ring gasketing.

Relays a complete line of switching devices, mechanical relays, solid state, and power series.

Controls to fit any and all situations, communications, data logging, and multizone control, which includes retransmitt, reading both temperature and humidity.